Every invention in history is portrayal of its culture, technology and workmanship of the period. Many such inventions lived through centuries and Clock is one among the top. Its evolution has been fascinating and awe-inspiring! Pendulum clocks were invented in the 17th Century and since then dwelled as an emblem of time, symbol of perfection & necessity of every household. It wasn’t just a social badge for families but respected as icon of monuments.
Inspired by the world of watches & clocks, Brand Novellon® was founded to revive the heritage of clockmaking by celebrating the charm of pendulum and art of wood working. In a mission to make fine clocks, we explored around the world and collaborated with seasoned partners and industry leaders who shares the same interest. We sourced robust materials, precision engineering & finesse handcraft to produce elegant clocks. With globally inspired designs & trending styles, our collection fits contemporary homes & lifestyle.
We as well take pride in introducing Grand wall clocks for the first-time in India. These clocks are 3’ feet high, wall-mountable and meant to cascade the grandness of floor (aka grandfather) clocks.
With strategic process controls, quality focus and cordial customer experience, our vision is to make your home a grandeur with truly world-class clocks!

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